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Activated carbon platinum
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Activated Carbon Platinum

Activated carbon Platinum other than gold-mining function in function as well as a filter to purify water, gas purification, industrial catalysts, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and a variety of other uses. Coconut shell is one of the activated carbon material quality is pretty well made activated carbon.

Shapes and sizes, and quality coconut shell must be observed when making activated carbon. Coconut shell that will be used as baHan makers of activated carbon, preferably bebentuk half or one-quarter the size of the shell.


If the size is too is destroyed, then the shell it's less good ingredients made into makers of activated carbon. In terms of quality, the coconut shell qualified activated carbon material is made of coconut which really old to glossy black in colour and hard.

A shell made of ingredients the makers of activated carbon from coconut which copra. Coconut shell produced merupakan two hemispheres of a coconut fruit intact. Activated carbon to make a truly qualified, shell must be clean and apart from sabutnya.


There are two stages to make quality activated carbon from coconut shell. The first step to do is shell made of charcoal with a covered drum equipment.

The second phase, through a grinding process to produce shell charcoal activated carbon and charcoal powder. This charcoal powder can still be processed mbecome a charcoal briquette shell. Milling was done with a simple electric drive engine, diesel, or gasoline.


The quality of the shell and the combustion process will greatly determine the yield in activated carbon produced. Quality coconut shell coconut better than any ordinary hybrid.

In order to obtain yield better activated carbon, the steps the combustion process by way of the drum was given four holes in the bottom. In order for the combustion air can bein, the drum must be fouled three pieces of bricks.


Charcoal burning was done layer for the sake of ply shell. Start burning could be using paper or dried coconut leaves are placed on top of a layer of the shell at the base of the drum. After the first layer of the shell is on fire, little by little one layer is placed on top of it. This step continues until the drum is full.

When the shell starts to burn, the top layer of bricks that stand became the drum slowly-lahthe 80s were taken, so the basic drums directly touching the ground and covering the holes. Then the drums closed meetings and there not to air entering.


If there is air coming in, then the charcoal that is present in the drum will be grey. But when the drums are closed meetings before the whole burning shell, shell will not be charcoal.

The next day, after the drums is cool, the lid is opened, then the drum was laid. The charcoal shell then dismantled gradually. Charcoal

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